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Welcome to BIRKENSTOCK – in your new JOB


We’ve been around for nearly 250 years. But we don’t rest on our laurels – because we have a lot ahead of us. You want to join us on that journey? When you start here, we’ll have exactly the right shoes waiting for you. So one thing’s for sure: whatever career path you choose to go down with us – you’ll definitely have healthy feet every step of the way.

Our products are in demand around the world, extremely popular and absolutely en vogue. Because we are continually growing around the world, increasing our production and logistics capacities and entering new business segments, an end of this trend is not in sight – our team continues to grow: in Germany and in many other countries. We’re represented around the world – and the world is represented by us. You can look forward to a colorful and international atmosphere full of opportunities.

Here’s how to get started


The brains behind BIRKENSTOCK are as colorful and creative as our collections. Obviously, there are designers and shoemakers here.  But did you know that, for example, automation engineers, supply chain experts and upholsterers will find their dream job here as well?

We have interesting trainee programs in many different fields, offer dual education opportunities for students and entry-level opportunities for university and high school graduates, and naturally we’re also a perfect choice for experienced professionals. Simply check out our job portal – there are many vacant positions for the first step of your career with BIRKENSTOCK.

We provide training in the following careers

  • Industrial management at our headquarters in Cologne
  • Warehouse logistics management at our logistics center in Vettelschoß
  • Business Persons specializing in Transport and Logistics Services at our logistics center in Vettelschoß
  • Electronics technician for automation technology at our production site in St. Katharinen
  • Mechatronics engineer at our production sites in Uerzell (Steinau an der Straße) and Goerlitz
  • Machine and systems operators at our production sites in Uerzel (Steinau an der Straße)
  • Shoemaker at our production site in Bernstadt

How to apply.


You’ve found a position that fits you perfectly? Great! The best thing to do now is to apply online via our job portal. That way, your documents will reach us securely and quickly and the process will be a lot easier than with a written application. In your cover letter, please tell us what you want to accomplish at BIRKENSTOCK. A complete CV and up-to-date references are just as important for a good first impression.

When you submit your application in the system, you’ll receive a confirmation of receipt. If we think your profile fits an open position, we’ll invite you to a first interview. During this interview, you’ll maybe meet your new manager or a team member. A member of the HR team will be there as well. And if you and we think everything seems right, we’ll see each other again in a second round. After that, you and we will decide: time to join BIRKENSTOCK? If the answer is yes: welcome to the team, we’re looking forward to working with you!