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Quality, sustainability and fairness – right from the start. We place great value on quality and origins of the materials for our products. That’s why our colleagues in product development, procurement and technology work together to look for the best solutions and partners. We select our suppliers with a lot of care and conduct extensive research and material tests before we integrate them in our portfolio. Our motto as we do so is “We work with few partners, but only the best ones.” In doing so, we rely on long-lasting, fair supplier relationships: economical, sustainable and guaranteed to avoid dumping prices.


  • Delivery of high quality, flawless goods that meet our technical, physical and chemical requirements
  • Willingness to innovate
  • Keeping to delivery dates
  • Competitive prices
  • Sustainable conduct within the sense of the Corporate Social Responsibility Values and Principles



BIRKENSTOCK is a major global shoe manufacturer. We are aware of our responsibility to our customers and our employees. That is why we have set ethical and social rules for ourselves that guide us in our business. We expect our suppliers, i.e., those companies that maintain a business relationship with BIRKENSTOCK Group companies as suppliers, to act according to the same ethical principles.

For this reason, BIRKENSTOCK has developed a Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct is based largely on the Business Social Compliance Initiative and the conventions of the International Labour Organization.

The BIRKENSTOCK Code of Conduct includes the following points:

  • Compliance with laws
  • Prohibition against corruption and bribery
  • Respect for the basic rights of employees
  • Prohibition against child labor
  • Health and safety of employees
  • Environmental protection

The Code of Conduct takes account of and recognizes social and environmental minimum standards.

Code of Conduct



Online registration and review

Once you have completed the contact form, your details will be saved in our supplier database. Of course, your information will be treated confidentially. After we have received your contact form, we will quickly review whether your products and services are right for us.


Sample order and Quality Control.

If your products and service interest us, you will receive a sample order from us. Now you can show us that the quality of your products and your service meet our expectations. We will have your sample tested by our internal Quality Control Department and by an independent external institute in accordance with our requirements. We will discuss the test results with you.



You fulfil our requirements and working together with us, you have the potential to increase the benefit to our customers. Welcome to BIRKENSTOCK!

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On registering for our service, you agree to your data being gathered and processed. After registration and when required we will evaluate your data and if we for our part are interested, we shall contact you. In addition to the use of your data by our Purchasing Department, we will forward your data to our subsidiaries under the conditions of this data protection notification.
We will store your data for a period of two years and then delete it automatically.
You have the legal right to request information regarding the stored data and to have it corrected or deleted. You can request this by e-mail to


This is a protected area with information and downloads for all BIRKENSTOCK suppliers. Register for the suppliers download area.

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