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Seeping systems



As the inventor of the footbed, BIRKENSTOCK, with its core functional orthopedic expertise, has always been committed to healthy walking and standing. It has long been a wish of ours to complement our anatomically shaped footbeds with anatomically shaped beds. In the future, we don’t just want you to lie down as comfortably as possible, but to get a great night’s sleep too – with BIRKENSTOCK sleep systems.

A unique supportive function: the BIRKENSTOCK sleep systems

A great idea – taken a step further: just like the original BIRKENSTOCK footbed, the BIRKENSTOCK sleep systems also adapt to the shape of the human body. Our slatted frames and mattresses adapt to the contours of the human body as it lies down and support it in a unique way, creating the perfect conditions for a restful night’s sleep.

The BIRKENSTOCK overlay with natural latex and cork granulate

The BIRKENSTOCK sleep systems boast yet another unique feature: our mattresses come with a newly developed cork and latex overlay as their top layer. This is found on all BIRKENSTOCK mattresses and ensures outstanding comfort. Thanks to its enhanced surface elasticity, it handles the necessary fine-tuning to the user’s body shape.

Slatted frames with a body contour system

A further key component of our sleep systems is the patented slatted frame with undulating body shape adjustment to ease the strain on the body when lying down. This support is clearly palpable – and can be felt in the same way that feet feel our footbeds within a shoe.




The undulating form of the slatted frames especially developed for the BIRKENSTOCK body contour system corresponds to the natural contours of our body: the aim is to improve pressure distribution and to take the strain off our bodies. Our mattresses are the perfect counterpart to this, reflecting this undulating shape – with these two components resulting in an entirely new feeling when lying down.


The pressure-easing and supportive BIRKENSTOCK overlay enables the necessary finetuning to ease the strain on the body in any sleeping position, thus enabling optimum comfort in combination with the mattresses and slatted frames.


The undulating layer of the flexible double-slat elements enables a perfect fit with the contours of the body.

Latex/cork granulate

Combined with our mattress cores and slatted frames, cork granulate delivers balanced comfort when lying down.


The progressive hardness adjustment mechanism in the middle zone helps adjust the mattress more effectively to the body shape.


The unique 7-zone ergonomic design helps the sleep system adapt to the body shape, enabling a relaxing night’s sleep.


Thanks to an especially soft zone of the mattress in the heel area, this especially sensitive pressure point will enjoy special relief. Particularly people who sleep on their back will benefit from the “heel relief zone” incorporated into the contour design of the mattress.



The BIRKENSTOCK range of beds comprises four box spring beds and two mattress models. Box spring beds are renowned for their excellent sleeping comfort and are very much in keeping with BIRKENSTOCK’s aspirations of outstanding well-being and healthy sleep. Their modular design means they can be perfectly adapted to the user’s needs. The mattress models are perfectly suited for use with the BIRKENSTOCK sleep systems and can be combined with the undulating contoured slatted frames and the straight slatted frames.



*May not be available in all countries.