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Corporate Heritage at BIRKENSTOCK – the company archive

The BIRKENSTOCK Group has maintained a company archive since 2016. Archivist and historian Simon Kahles is responsible for recording, preserving and collecting the archive material. The archive works closely with other departments within the group to use the collection to inspire, clarify facts and communicate the company's heritage internally and externally. The archive proudly preserves several special treasures, which were shown to a selected audience at the Hourglass Exhibition in New York in November 2022.

The company archive is curated by Andrea Schneider-Braunberger, Doctor of History, who, as managing director of the Society for Business History (Gesellschaft für Unternehmensgeschichte, GUG), has accompanied numerous companies in shedding light on their history and setting up an archive. In addition to implementing the project on the 250-year history, she communicates the results of the research project to employees and external interested parties.

The BIRKENSTOCK company archive not only looks into the past and preserves its heritage, but also looks into the future and uses a modern archive strategy to collect both files and objects in order to conserve the history of today for tomorrow.