Care and Tips

Infinitely robust

Sandals and clogs need caring for. By giving them the right care, you can ensure they stay looking good for a long time. First you need to distinguish between the different kinds of leather uppers and those made of Birko-Flor®.

How to enjoy your shoes for a long time

Care 1
  • 01 Remove marks easily.
    The special cleaning attachment is perfect for removing stains from natural leather.
Care 2
  • 02 Simple care for Birko-Flor®
    You can clean Birko-Flor® models by wiping the surface with a damp cloth.
Care 3
  • 03 Clean the lining regularly.
    To keep the suede lining soft, you should brush it regularly with a nylon or wire brush.
Care 4
  • 04 Remove dust and dirt.
    The soft rubber brush gets rid of dust and dirt easily.
Care 5
  • 05 Rub away scratches.
    Slight scratches in our natural leather can be removed by rubbing them gently with the ball of your hand.