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Developed and produced in Germany using the finest natural ingredients and certified in accordance with stringent natural cosmetic standards. BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL CARE represents health, outstanding quality and a conscious lifestyle.

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Is it possible to transfer the legendary comfort of our footbed to a line of cosmetics? Yes, it is! BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL CARE represents health, outstanding quality and a conscious lifestyle. While conventional cosmetics usually contain irritating or harmful substances, select ingredients and unique combinations of active substances with proven benefits form the basis of this innovative and certified care system.

All BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL CARE products in the closely coordinated five care lines are certified natural cosmetics that are made in Germany. They have been certified in accordance with the COSMOS NATURAL standard by BDIH and are subject to the strictest testing criteria. All of these products protect, maintain and regenerate your skin without any chemicals – just the pure power of nature. Every day. From head to toe.


The key component is the same material that is used in the original BIRKENSTOCK footbed: NATURAL CORK. Scientists in the cosmetics industry discovered that cork extract has highly effective anti-aging properties. The cork oak thus became the main ingredient in the certified natural cosmetics line.

The key element is suberin: This is the substance that gives cork its special elasticity, which is also what makes the BIRKENSTOCK cork footbed so unique. Suberin has a proven lifting effect in BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL CARE products. Alongside cork oak extract, the active substances system based on these research results comprises other highly effective ingredients such as arctic moss, argan oil, baobab, moringa, elderberry and botanical hyaluronic acid.



The main ingredient in BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL CARE products is suberin: As the most important component of the cell walls, suberin is what gives cork its special elasticity, and it is also what makes our BIRKENSTOCK cork-latex footbed so unique. The suberin in our high-quality natural cosmetics has a proven lifting effect. Alongside cork oak extract, the active substances system based on these research results comprises other highly effective ingredients such as arctic moss, argan oil, baobab, moringa, elderberry and botanical hyaluronic acid.


The main active ingredient in all BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL CARE products is cork oak extract. This extract is taken from the outer layer of bark of the cork oak. The suberin in this layer of bark has a special mesh-like surface structure. that distributes the extract evenly and allows it to penetrate into the skin. Once there, it works in combination with other ingredients to unleash its full effect. The result: skin becomes tighter and visibly smoother.


The BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL CARE product range includes five highly effective lines with unique substances systems based on cork oak extract. The function, effect and scent have been coordinated so that the individual products and entire lines can be individually combined. The right maintenance system for every type of skin.


BIRKENSTOCK represents health and high-quality products that do what they promise. We maintain this focus with BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL CARE. All of our products have the BDIH COSMOS NATURAL seal for certified natural cosmetics and are thus subject to the most stringent testing criteria. The new COSMOS quality seal is an international standard for natural cosmetics that represents the world’s largest system for certifying natural and organic cosmetics. Under this standard, only ingredients that are made from renewable resources and are environmentally friendly are allowed. Chemicals? Absolutely not! But that’s not all...

  • Natural ingredients: In order to receive the BDIH COSMOS NATURAL seal, a product must use certain organic quality ingredients (in accordance with controlled organic cultivation), incorporate certain production methods for raw materials and forgo the use of petrochemical ingredients entirely.

  • Ecological raw materials: Naturalness and sustainability are very important values to us. That’s why all of the ingredients we use come from natural sources.

  • No paraffins: Paraffins are petroleum distillates. They form a film on your skin that acts as a seal. This traps moisture and causes the upper layer of skin, known as the stratum corneum, to swell, making your skin rough.

  • No silicone: Like paraffins, silicone creates a film on skin and hair, clogging the surface. It only seems to help maintain your skin In addition, the “softeners” are not biologically degradable.

  • No parabens:Parabens are chemical preservatives with an estrogen-like effect that, in certain concentrations, can affect the hormone system. They have a high risk potential and are suspected carcinogens.

  • No synthetics scents or dyes:Little research has been conducted on the effects of synthetic scents. However, it is suspected that they expand in the body, where they affect the hormonal balance and may even cause cancer. Synthetic dyes are considered allergens and may be carcinogens.

  • No PEGs: Polyethylene glycols are chemical water-soluble molecule compounds that make skin porous to harmful substances, attack the sebum film and can dry skin.

  • No gene technology: The use of materials from genetically modified plants and raw materials is generally not allowed in certified natural cosmetics.

  • No animal testing: No animal testing was conducted by us or carried out on our behalf during the development, production and assessment of these products.

  • No materials derived from dead animals: The use of materials from dead animals is not permitted. Only materials produced by animals, such as milk or honey, are permitted.

  • Vegan: Many BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL CARE products are vegan and avoid the use of any animal-based ingredients entirely.

  • Dermatologically tested: All formulas have been dermatologically tested to ensure that they are skin-friendly.

  • Proven effective: The effectiveness of the ingredients has been documented and proven in various scientific studies.

  • Recycling and resources: BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL CARE conserves the earth’s resources: Renewable materials, such as natural cork, and sustainable, recyclable packaging are used for these products. And an innovative refill system reduces waste: Sturdy bottles with airless dispensers and cork bottoms contain refillable cartridges. When a product is empty, simply purchase an environmentally friendly refill and place it in the original container.

    This saves resources – and shows how intelligent and uncomplicated sustainability can be.

*These results were proven in a scientific study.