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BIRKENSTOCK is the inventor of the world`s first ever flexible cork deep footbed. Only the best raw materials are used for genuine BIRKENSTOCK footbeds: light natural cork, jute yarn, and high-grade natural latex.

Unique of its kind, the original BIRKENSTOCK footbed.

BIRKENSTOCK soft-footbed


The BIRKENSTOCK footbed is based around the anatomy of the foot in such a way that the body`s weight is spread evenly and naturally over the entire sole of the foot.

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The leathers we use are especially thick – around three millimetres – yet still soft. They are un-split and therefore retain all of their precious natural qualities.

Just all around good. The BIRKENSTOCK materials.

A love of detail

Eye for detail

We have continuously developed and improved our products over the years for the benefit of healthy feet. BIRKENSTOCK differs from other brands by its cut, which runs far towards the back of the shoe. Feet are held firmly into the footbed.

Unique perfection - that’s our hallmark.

Raw material

Raw material

Only the best is good enough. For example: latex milk extracted from the bark of the rubber tree undergoes numerous processes, each carefully monitored, to produce the bonding agent which holds together the cork granules from which each BIRKENSTOCK footbed is made.

The raw materials in the footbed.

Perfect fit

Perfect fit

The correct size and proper width of your BIRKENSTOCK sandals are the key to ensuring that your bodyweight is distributed properly across your feet.

Perfect fit in two widths.



With more than 230 years of experience in the fine art of shoemaking, and with the knowledge we have gathered in the traditional way from one generation to the next, we can guarantee to you that our shoes exhibit the finest workmanship and are of the utmost quality.

Tradition – Innovation – Fascination.

Licensed Products


The licensing business is part of BIRKENSTOCK growth and investment offensive. During the selecting of the licensee and the development of the products, quality and function are in the foreground.

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Nature as Inspiring Example

Nature as Inspiring Example

It should be everyone`s concern to use the resources which nature provides us with as carefully as possible. In private households, this awareness extends to the sorting and composting of waste.

Watching Nature – Understanding Nature – Appreciating Nature.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The BIRKENSTOCK Group is a global shoe manufacturer. We are aware of our responsibility to our customers and our employees. Therefore, we have established strict ethical and social policies for ourselves that guide us in our business activity.

This Code of Conduct.