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Licensed Products

With the cork footbed sandals BIRKENSTOCK‘s has established an own product category. Heart of all products is our unique footbed. In the future, we will also offer other products. The main focus is on four theme worlds, which fit perfectly with the brand essence of BIRKENSTOCK: Healthy living and sleeping, healthy work environment, healthy feet and running and healthy life setting.

The licensing partnerships are designed to be very long term. When selecting the licensee and the development of the products are quality and function in the foreground. The entry into the licensing business is a comprehensive evaluation process preceded, who has demonstrated a high affinity for the brand to new products. BIRKENSTOCK is advised from the TM1 trademark one AG. trademark one is exclusively commissioned by BIRKENSTOCK to build up the global licensing business.

BIRKENSTOCK conscious as a symbol of life

The impetus for our decision to enter into new business comes from our retail partners and our customers. For many of our customers, our brand is much more than just a synonym for healthy and convenient comfort shoes. It is also a symbol for a conscious lifestyle. Balanced diet, ecological thinking and action, active leisure design, family with children, pets and a profund education have a very high position for our customers. Therefore it is only logical, that we expand our product offerings in these areas.

BIRKENSTOCK plans to access new business segments through long-term strategic licensing partnerships with companies that have a similar philosophy, building primarily on high quality and excellent function in the individual segments.

The TM1 trademark one AG is focused on advising companies and brands from the fields of sport, personality and lifestyle. The philosophy: new markets and revenue potential of open, reinforce brands sustained. The TM1 trademark one developed and implemented beyond marketing concepts for companies and brands on their traditional business to develop with the help of license and media cooperations new markets and revenue potential.